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Mulch Event FAQs

Some common questions: 

I have conflict and am not available on delivery day. Is there another way I can help?

Yes! Please consider donating food to help feed the many volunteers!  The link is here.

I did not receive a bar code like in the past?

We are not using the bar code system this year. Come to your shift and check-in at the student check-in table. Remember to check out before you leave so your hours are recorded and you get prize tickets!

Is it too late to sign up to volunteer?

NO!  We can always use more volunteers! More volunteers=less work for everyone!

What if I forgot to include my group for the volunteer hours credit?

When you signed up, you could have designated up to two groups to receive credit for your volunteer hours.  Once all hours are completed, the TIPS money will divided among all groups based on total volunteer hours. 

If you forgot to designate a group, tell the parent at the student volunteer check-in table when you sign in.

What if I need to change my shift time?

This is okay. Please sign up again and email the Mulch Student Volunteer Chair the change.

What if it rains?

We will have nearly 13,000 bags of mulch to deliver, rain or shine!  Please come help, no matter the weather! We can't do it without you!

What is the process on mulch day for adult volunteers?

It depends on what you're doing:

Drivers of Students:

Please enter the school parking lot at the entrance with the tall marquee. Follow signs. You will enter the line and be matched up with students (unless you already have a group) and then a mulch truck.  PLEASE BE PATIENT, especially at the beginning of a shift when there may be a large group waiting to go out. It sometimes takes awhile for the process to get going and everyone is a volunteer.  If you already have a group of students and do not have room for more, follow the directions of the volunteer.  If you have room for students, please let the volunteer know and he/she will match you with a group of students. 

  • Once your group is ready to go, please follow the mulch truck to the delivery addresses. We hope to be able to give you the delivery addresses, in case your group is separated.  
  • At the delivery location: Students should knock on the door to alert the owner to their presence. Customers have been asked to designate the delivery area (using tape, chalk, etc). Please have the students follow this if it is marked. Some customers gave instructions when they ordered.  This will be marked on the delivery paperwork. If there is no designation, please deliver at the bottom of the driveway in neat stacks of 5 bags.  PLEASE be sure that someone (or two people) double check the bag count at each delivery address.  This should be the navigator's task but extra eyes are always a good thing!
  • You do not need to lift mulch, unless you want to.  You certainly may, but it is not required!
  • Please encourage your student volunteers!  Some will be able to lift with no trouble, others will struggle, and some will be surprised at how strong they are.  It's okay for them to work in pairs, if necessary.  
  • When the mulch truck is empty, please return to Westfield with your group and reenter the delivery line. It will be shorter than the first time through.  Students and you may stop by the food tent while waiting for your mulch truck to be reloaded. 
  • We hope that you enjoy the students! They are really great kids. 
  • Please be aware that, if applicable to your situation, you can track your volunteer mileage for tax purposes.  -We thank you for your volunteering!  There is no way to deliver the nearly 13,000 bags of mulch without you.

Mulch Yard: 

  • Please check in with Karen Duncan or Aaron Smallwood. 
  • There are many important jobs in the mulch yard, including: loading "pick up" orders into customer's vehicles, taping torn mulch bags, cleaning up the area as mulch goes out on trucks, etc.  

Forklift Operators: 

  • Please check in with Karen Duncan or Aaron Smallwood. 

Prize Tent: 

  • Check-in with Kim Beamon.
  • You will watch over the prizes and help students, if needed.  
  • Tickets for prizes will be drawn at the end of the day on Saturday, once all the mulch is delivered and students have had the chance to turn in their tickets. 

Food Tent: 

  • Check in with Lisa Hart.


  • Check in with Mindy Conway, Becky Free, and anyone else with a walkie talkie. 
  • In a short amount of time, the set-up crew needs to set up tents at the food, volunteer, prize and routes tables. Also, needed will be signs and cones set up to direct people where to go. Lisa Hart's group will need help getting the food area set up and the prize table will need help setting out the ticket containers for prizes.


  • If you are a navigator, please park in the front of the school (bus lot) or in the staff parking area and then walk to the navigator check in, which will be in the middle section of the parking lot on Stonecroft Blvd. Please be patient. 
  • You will ride in the mulch truck and direct the driver where to go. You are in charge of your truck and route. 
  • Each truck will need a red bag that will have delivery supplies that might be needed, including duct tape, a box cutter, pen, highlighter, and band aids. Please be sure your truck has this. 
  • First, the navigator will be assigned a truck and will be told how many pallets of mulch that truck can carry.  The navigator will then pick up delivery instructions from the routes table, which will be in the parking lot on the side closest to Stonecroft Blvd.  Please be patient - it takes a few minutes to assign routes. Each route has a route number. Inside the envelope will be delivery paperwork with the customer name, address, phone number, bags of mulch ordered and, if applicable, delivery instructions.  There will be a map also, but feel free to use your phone directions if you like.  We hope to have extra copies of the delivery addresses for you to give to the drivers following your vehicle. PLEASE be sure that you work from the master copy, as this is the paper we ask you to use to track deliveries and to return to the routes table when you are done.  
  • When your truck and group are ready to go, please give directions to the driver. 
  • Upon arriving at your delivery location, please have a few students knock on the door to alert the owner that you are there.  Please confirm the address, playing close attention to whether it is a "Road", "Lane", "Court", etc. There are a number of very similar addresses in the Westfield boundary area!  
  • Confirm the number of bags being delivered to the address. Where to deliver? The customer may have marked an area on their driveway or they may have given instructions when they purchased their mulch. Please have students deliver to the right area.  If no directions are given, please deliver to the end of the driveway.  NO deliveries may be made to the back of a customer's home. 
  • Please DOUBLE COUNT the number of bags delivered and confirm that it matches the delivery paperwork. It is very time consuming to go back and fix mistakes (though they do happen, we know!).  If the owner is there, you might have them count also. On the delivery paperwork, please enter the number delivered in the "# Delivered" column and initial it. You could have the customer sign, if you'd like, though it's not required. 
  • If your truck does not have enough mulch for a particular customer, please clearly mark that on the delivery paperwork. There is a column named "# Short" and highlight this, so we know to go back to that home to complete the order. If the customer is home, please let them know we will be back. 
  • Once your truck is empty, please return to Westfield. Delivery trucks enter the parking lot at the tall marquee, and then take an immediate right to head to the routes table. Stop at the routes table so that the wood pallets can be unloaded and stacked. The navigator should turn in completed route envelopes and pick up the next grouping. The truck then goes to the reloading area and all volunteers can visit the food tent and restrooms. The stadium restrooms will be open.

Trash Duty: 

  • First shift on Saturday: Check in with Mindy Conway. 
  • It is very important that we keep trash cans from overflowing. Using the golf cart, the tidying crew will empty trash cans (there will be several around the parking lot) and take the bags to the dumpster. There may be other needed tasks. Please help by looking around for things to do when you are idle. Thank you!


  • Please take time to look around you and pick up trash when you see it. 
  • Once the mulch is delivered, we will need help taking down the tents, returning tables and chairs to the school building, sweeping mulch that may have spilled, taking down the signs, stacking the cones, etc. Anyone on the final shift is welcome to help and very much needed!  Students - we will give extra prize tickets if you stay and help clean up (or come back, if you delivered earlier!)


What is the process on mulch day for students?

  • Arrive at or before your shift time. If you are being dropped off, there will be a designated drop off area. Use the entrance by the tall marquee (kiss-and-ride entrance) and follow signs. 
  • Proceed to the student check in area, which will be near the press box. 
  • Check in
  • After checking in -  If you are driving yourself or know the adult driver you will be riding with, that car should enter the line to be matched up with a delivery truck.  If you are not driving yourself or have a predetermined adult driver, please go to the "Student Staging Area" where you will be matched with a driver. 
  • Please be patient, especially if you are in the first shift of the day. It takes a little while to get everyone matched up and on the way. 
  • Your vehicle will follow a mulch truck to the delivery addresses.  Deliveries are made in Herndon, Chantilly, and Centreville to Westfield boundary addresses. 
  • A designated person or group should knock on the customer door to alert them to your presence.
  • Customers will be asked to mark the area for delivery. Mulch may ONLY be delivered in the front of the house, preferably at the end of the driveway but please observe delivery designations if they are there. Delivery instructions that are given ahead of time will be marked on the delivery paperwork that the truck navigator has. You may not take mulch to the back of a customer's home. 
  • Help unload and neatly stack the mulch. Most customers prefer that the mulch be stacked in piles of 5.  
  • Double check the amount of mulch the customer ordered (see the delivery paperwork). PLEASE be careful to deliver the correct amount. There are many customers who ordered in increments of 5 bags, which makes it easy to count. However, many did not. So please count carefully. 
  • Remember to use proper lifting techniques. Do not strain your back. 
  • When your truck is empty, return to Westfield for reloading. Be sure to stop by the food tent to pick up a snack and water! Stay hydrated!  Please return to your vehicle asap so you can head back out. 
  • When it is time for you to go, please be sure to check out, so your time is properly credited. You will receive raffle tickets to enter into the prize drawings. Raffle tickets are distributed based on hours worked. Adult volunteers can also give out extra raffle tickets! And, there are gift card prizes for those that go above and beyond!
  • If you can stay longer than your shift, we would LOVE to have you continue helping.  It takes a lot of work to deliver all that mulch!
  • Please pick up trash when you see it. We are all volunteers and your help is needed to keep the area neat!

Thank you!

What should I wear or bring to mulch day?

Students, please be prepared to get dirty. Wear old clothes and shoes that can get dirty. We advise either heavy boots (work boots) or tennis shoes. If you have gardening or leather work gloves, you may find these helpful. If the weather is sunny, you may want to wear a hat and sun screen. 

Adults:  You do not need to carry mulch, but we still recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that get get dirty. You never know. 

We also recommend that you bring a jacket or sweatshirt or rain gear, just in case! 

Also, don't forget a phone charger and car adapter!  Having a charged phone is important for check in/out as well as delivery locations information (should your group get separated). 

Other questions? Contact Us